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refirme skin tightening laser
refirme skin tightening laser
ReFirme skin tightening laser
refirme skin tightening laser
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Refirme Skin Tightening Laser

Known as “the lift without a knife”, Refirme™ ST (Skin Tightening) is a painless, no downtime skin tightening treatment, which results in an immediate lifting and firming of the skin. This revolutionary technology combines radiofrequency (RF) and infrared (IR) light in such a way that they work on the skin simultaneously and synergistically, surpassing by far the benefit of each by itself. Refirme™ ST has quickly become a great favorite for our clients who want to have tighter and firmer skin on the spot, and do so without visible

post treatment marks.


How does it work?

The RF and IR combine to generate energy which gently heats the deeper layers of the skin. The result is an immediate tightening of the collagen in the areas treated, showing on the skin as reduced sagging and a visible lift in the areas of loose skin. The WOW effect is so great that we like to show our patients the treated side half way through the treatment, to let them compare with the untreated side.


Does the Refirme™ ST have long term benefits?

The skin perceives the treatments as a sign of need to regenerate and rejuvenate itself, and starts producing new collagen. Collagen production shows up as a decrease in fine lines, firmer skin, decreased sagging, tighter pores and better skin quality all around. This is in addition to the firming effect due to the immediate tightening.


Are the treatments dangerous?

This is one of the safest technologies around. The technology is designed in such as way that there is no chance of the laser effecting unwanted areas of the skin, and can be safely used on all parts of the face.

What areas can be improved with Refirme™ ST?

Refirme™ ST can be used to gently tighten and lift the nasolabial folds, the jowls, elevate the eyebrows and by extension the upper eyelids, resulting in a more “open” looking face. The neck is a favorite area for many. Some patients like the treatments for tightening the belly button area, the inner thighs, the upper arms and around the knees.  We also use it for acne prone skin to decrease pore size and stimulate collagen production to help diminish acne scarring.


How does the Refirme™ ST compare with other skin tightening treatments?

Refirme™ ST is a no downtime, painless procedure, using the bipolar technology of RF. 


Do I need anesthesia for the Refirme™ ST?

No. Refirme™ ST is a gentle treatment, requiring no pain relief with topical or other forms of anesthesia. 


Would you recommend Refirme™ ST treatments for everyone?

Any patient with minimal to moderate sagging is a good candidate for ReFirme. We treat women and men, ages ranging from their 30’s and into their 70’s, since everyone can benefit from the improvement in the quality of the skin resulting from the treatment. 


How many treatments will I need?

Initially, a series of 6 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart are ideal. 


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